To be human is to be social. This is because humans bear God’s image. He is three persons in one being, and so he is eternally social. Consequently, the good life is impossible apart from embedded relationship. Sin strains away from these thick social connections. It always has. Psalm 107, for example, tells of those who found “no way to a city to dwell in” (v. 4). But God’s love mends what is broken . John’s vision in Revelation anticipates the new creation as a heavenly city come to earth. Our fulfillment comes in restored relationships, first with God, then with fellow humans.

At Evergreen, we seek to show God’s character by embedding in our place. We aim to care for our city and neighbors. We do much of this in relationship with key organizations: Salem Leadership Foundation, Salem for Refugees, Windsor Health and Rehabilitation Center, and North Salem High School.