Evergreen Church of Salem is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

  • We belong to a denomination because we believe that Scripture obligates us to participate with other congregations for the sake of doctrinal and ethical faithfulness.

  • The word “presbyterian” means that a congregation is led by a group of elders, that is, leaders who share responsibility for the faithfulness of the congregation.

  • The PCA is a denomination of congregations that affirm the importance of belonging to a larger entity in pursuit of faithful belief and practice. 

The PCA has three important commitments:

  1. Inerrancy-- God has revealed himself in the Bible, and all Scripture is true, authoritative and good in all it teaches.

  2. Reformed theology-- God alone sustains and orders all creation, including the salvation of his people.

  3. Mission-- God commissions his people to follow his own example by drawing all the world to love him.