Campus ministry involves:

1. Lunch Meetings: During the week we have at least one lunch meeting booked every single day. We often have multiple meetings with multiple students/faculty at a time. This allows us to maximize our personal interactions.
2. The Table: Every Sunday during the year, we gather after Church at a staff members house and have between 10-25 students over depending on the week. This grants us an opportunity to show hospitality as we share a meal, and hear several students each week share with each other about all that God has done in their lives recently, as well as to lift each other up in prayer.
3. Bible Studies: Part of the Ambassadors approach involves finding areas where there is already a built-in community and capitalizing on that. As such, we work heavily with sports teams on campus, conducting weekly Bible studies during the various seasons. We also desire have a student Bible study/prayer leader for every dorm section, club, and organization.
4. Church Connection: One of the central tenants of Campus Ambassadors, which makes us unique from some other campus ministries, is our desire to connect every single student on every college campus with a solid, God-fearing, Bible-teaching, truth-proclaiming church to call their home and to serve at during their time in school.
5. Regional Retreats: Around four times a year we organize a regional student retreat, during which students from all universities in the region gather together at a local camp or conference center and focus on a unique aspect of their Christian walk.
6. Campus Conferences: At C.A. we love opportunities to work with various student clubs and organizations to promote justice, humanitarian efforts, and various outreach opportunities My first month on campus we partnered with the Students Against Slavery club to help raise awareness of human trafficking, child-labor, and the sex trade, both foreign and domestic. We had workshops and guest speakers during the week, and students were connected with opportunities to help fight human trafficking around the world.
7. Benevolence: It’s not uncommon to get a call from a student in the middle of the night explaining that they are drunk and need a ride home; or that a loved one has passed away suddenly, and they need someone to pray with. Part of serving in the ministry is to expect the unexpected
8. Service Opportunities: This last spring break we took a group of Willamette students to San Francisco for the week to serve in homeless shelters and engage in several community outreach projects. We hope to make that a regular occurrence. We also work to connect students with numerous service opportunities right here in town, such as the Union Gospel Mission, Feed Salem, and various service projects through local churches.
9. Forums and Debates: We work to put together regular forums and debates where students and faculty can come together and discuss critical spiritual, ethical, and social issues, and examine how a Christian worldview affects ones understanding of them.

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